Flex Fitness Personal Training

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Nashville, TN?

If you need a change of routine, need to get in shape for the summer, or simply need a little boost in your energy level?

Louie Oropeza, of Flex Fitness, is a personal trainer here in Nashville, TN.   He can accomodate to your schedule, and provides a varietly of training types.


Sure, Louie loves to lead group fitness training. It’s one of his specialities, and he’ll always work in individual training tips and direction during group work-outs.

Yes and no… Louie is not the most expensive trainer nor is he the cheapest. What he offers is worth the investment because it’s always customized, goal-oriented and never routine. What you need one session may be very different the next, and Louie will lead you through it.

Yes, he’s a former athlete (football scholarship to Northwestern), but he’s absolutely not intimidating for even non-athletes to work with. He relates to anybody and “any body,” no matter the fitness level.


Call Louie today at 615-579-4464 to schedule your free, initial consultation. 



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Reader Comments (2)

The article is so true. The benefits of exercise go so much further than weight loss alone.

August 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDan

I think the most difficult thing for trainers is being able to identify with the people that they are helping! With there being so many personal trainers in NYC, it can be daunting! But when the trainer sees why you struggle and knows how to help, that is when you can rest east knowing you found the right fit! I look and feel great because my trainer works with me!

August 31, 2012 | Unregistered

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