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Top 10 Most Addictive Foods

Back in October, Prevention magazine came out with its list of top 10 most addictive foods.  Pretty obvious but sometimes we need to be reminded. 

10. White Bread (all bread should be thrown into this category, as far as I'm concerned)

9. Doughnuts - all that sugar stimulates dopamine "happy" hormone to keep you coming back for more.

8. Pasta - very, very little goes a long, long way to drive up your insulin.

7. Cake (muffins, including those "healthy" bran muffins, should be included in this category)

6. Chips

5. Cookies- the sight and smell of these freshly baked morsels are enough to elicit a dopamine response.

4. Chocolate (the real stuff, not the mass produced shit) - behavioral, emotional and physical responses to chocolate are akin to those of drug addicts to their drugs. 

3. French fries - these salty, fatty, sugary carcinogens are as addicting as they come due to the way they are made.  Enjoy.

2. Candy - more sugar with a nostalgic twist to hook you every time.  

1. Ice Cream (actually, I thought #1 would be peanut butter.  Maybe it's just my most addictive food.)  - according to Prevention magazine, this is the most addictive treat. 

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Update: Holiday Eating Survival Guide

If you applied my holiday eating tip during Thanksgiving, then chances are you avoided the weight gain and even felt a little leaner the next day or two.  Below is a picture of Heavenly Caramel Cream cake and some additional tips to keep your waistline in check while you eat it:


1.  Carb depletion:  4-5 days prior to your party, cut out all fruits, sugar-based (any sugar, syrup, alcohol, etc...), flour-based (any pasta, bread regardless of grain etc...) and starchy (potatoes, rice etc..) items.  Eat lean protein, good fats, and veggies only (see south beach low glycemic veggies).

2.  You should be drinking an amount of water equal to half your body weight in ounces anyway.   Now add an additional 20-40 oz. per day for the 4-5 day period leading up to the party.

3.  Lift heavy (both men and women) 2-3 of the Carb depletion days and maybe do 20 minutes of high intensity interval cardio (as opposed to long, steady cardio 40-60 min) the other days.  It is incredibly important that you hit a heavy lift the day of the party as close to the party time as possible - preferred.

 -If you workout in the mornings, try to train fasted and then begin your no-carb eating.  

4.  Don't forget to drink plenty of caffeine throughout the day.  

Concerned about health risks associated with this approach? Consider this: you'll be more hydrated from upping your water intake, more regular from increasing your veggies, and less depleted for not doing endurance cardio.  Plus, you will lift heavier so your workouts will actually count as workouts (your body adapts to those high rep/ low weight routines quickly, which renders them relatively ineffective).  Enjoy! 


A Holiday Party Survival Guide You Can Actually Use

Holiday Weight Gain.  It seems avoiding it is becoming more and more difficult.   It’s not your fault.  Every year some workout-fanatic who has never really struggled with weight or self-control around food, spams the web with BS information advising you to make unrealistic decisions at parties.  They make suggestions on how to deal with urges they never had to deal with; it makes no sense.  That’s why I think those articles are out of touch and suck. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to eat a small, healthy snack (protein) prior to a party and some healthy options (veggies) from the party tray to curb my appetite.  Crap! Those strategies couldn’t be more unrealistic and ineffective.  I’m not reaching for the broccoli when I could be reaching for a third helping of something delicious.  That would make me bitter.  So, here’s how I am going to eat whatever I want and avoid the weight gain and bitterness:


The day of your party to do list:

  1. Eat small meals and lots of caffeine and water up until the party.
  2. Meals leading up to the party should consist of only lean protein (fish, chicken, eggs, steak or lo-to-no carb whey protein shakes), good fats (coconut oil, MCT oil, fish oil, avocados, nuts in moderation) and green veggies – no fruit, starch, oatmeal or anything else that is considered a fruit or starch or oatmeal.  In other words, eat Atkins style.
  3. It’s not about the cardio or endurance workouts.  Instead, hit an intense, heavy weightlifting workout as close to your party time as possible.  This is much more effective in helping you deal with the sugar load you’re about to undergo.  More specifically, heavy weightlifting should limit the amount of sugar your insulin can push into your fat cells…it’s complicated.   If you disregard this step, disregard this article.
  4. Make sure you eat protein at the party (smoked salmon, sausage balls… I don’t care) with your desserts. 
  5. Stay hydrated and enjoy!     

Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Healthy as...

I like my coffee like the Turkish proverb: black as hell and strong as death.  But did you know that this morning shot-in-the-arm contains the kind of caffeine, plus a few antioxidants, that accelerates fat burning, improves awareness, increases adrenaline response, enhances strength and boosts our cardiovascular output (if you like to add sugar or large amounts of sweetener, never mind...none of this applies to you.  In fact, the caffeine/sugar combo will trigger fat cell growth.)?  Also, it has been linked to a reduced risk of diabetes and Parkinson's disease.     

Well, it’s time to add another health benefit to the list.  In a recent study, Harvard Medical researchers found that those who consumed 3 or more cups of java/day were 20% less likely to develop the most basic form of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma.  BOOM! My liquid crack of choice just got better. 


5 Unhealthiest 'healthy' kids meal

1. Chick-fil-A's grilled nuggets meal topped the list

2. McDonald's cheeseburger happy meal

3. Burger King's kids' meal

4. Sonic kids' junior burger meal

5. Denny's build your own Junior Grand Slam

Also, adding an apple to crap does not change the fact that your child is still eating crap.